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How long it takes to received my pet’s ashes?

The incinerations following the collecting order, are sent to the Vet in which the pet was collected and usually take around a week to arrive.

If you book the funeral service, appointments needed, we can deliver it the same day.

How can I know that the ashes belong to my pet?

The pet’s corpses are put into the shrouds and identified with the data your vet provide us with. We track the rests of the pet to guarantee the traceability untill incineration. The cremation process will always be individual. The ashes will be delivered in an identified urn labelled with the pet name and a cremation certification.

What kind of urn do you deliver the ashes?

The ashes are always delivered in an appropriated wooden urn along with the documents of the incineration. We also have a wide catalogue of designed urns available for your choice, eco-friendly urns, shrines, necklaces, jewellery, etc.

Where do they serve?

We currently provide services in the provinces of Murcia, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Toledo and the South of Madrid.

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